Will You Press The Button

Will You Press The Button” is an online web game. In this game players are prompted by a "what if" question in which they have to choose between two possible scenarios, but have to sacrifice another. They can either choose to approve the proposal that is presented to them by pushing a button or to simply refuse it. After each question, the game will show global statistics of how many people have been asked the previous question and will provide a statistical comparison of approved and declined votes. This game exists in many languages, including Hebrew. Arthur Systems created a front-end user interface and design for this game in Hebrew.

This user interface is based and built on Bootstrap framework on HTML, CSS and JavaScript technologies with JQuery library. In this project I used Adobe Photoshop CC design program to make all the images. As with all my projects, exceptional attention to detail was one of my highest priorities, in order to ensure a clean, user-friendly final product.

This design is compatible with all major browsers, tablets and mobiles devices, such as HTC, Samsung, iPhone, Nokia, Microsoft etc.