"HowToEvery" is an Israeli Youtube channel created by young boy. The first video was uploaded in August of 2012. This channel contains videos that teach a wide variety of skills, as well as life hacks, reviews and more. When I first saw this channel I found that it have a very basic static website based on HTML only, meaning the creator of this website needed to update his code every time he wanted to upload a new video on his youtube channel. Upon this discovery, I contacted this boy and offered to build him a more efficient website.

In 2013 I built the HowToEvery website that exists today, based on Wordpress CMS. The design was created by Rockettheme studio. This theme is fully translated and optimized by my company, "Arthur Systems" to Hebrew, accommodating Right-To-Left script. I donated this website to a young boy, because I believed in his project and his potential for success, and I wanted to support people creating more new content in Hebrew.

Today this website and Youtube channel has over a million visitors and views, thousands of registered users, and hundreds of supporters.

I view this as a huge success, and I am proud to have been part of it!